Preparing the BEST GRADUATES in an atmosphere of CARE

Our Vision is to be the BEST provider of quality tertiary Christian education in the Pacific Islands. This will be achieved by being:

B: Biblically Sound
E: Educationally Valid
S: Spiritually Challenging
T: Technologically Relevant


Our Mission is to prepare GRADUATES who are equipped and willing to serve their Community, their Country, their Church and their God. Our GRADUATES will be:

G: Growing towards excellence through life-long learning
R: Ready to lead by example to make a positive difference
A: Active in pursuing a balanced lifestyle
D: Dedicated to introducing others to Christ
U: Understanding current needs and opportunities
A: Acknowledging God’s sovereignty and experiencing His grace
T: Trustworthy and re ecting the character of God
E: Educated to serve all regardless of status, belief, gender or culture
S: Specialised in their chosen field of expertise


Our Vision and Mission will be achieved in an atmosphere of CARE:

C: Cherishing our Christian heritage while contextualising it in the 21st Century
A: Aspiring to the highest ethical and moral standards
R: Respecting cultural, ethnic and gender di-erences
E: Expecting quality and professionalism in all we do

What's happening

Mid-Semester Break

Sep 18 2017 - Sep 22 2017

Last day of classes

Oct 27 2017

Pre-exam Study Break

Oct 30 2017 - Nov 03 2017

Semester 2 Examinations

Nov 06 2017 - Nov 17 2017

Exam Boards

Nov 27 2017 - Nov 29 2017

Graduation Weekend

Dec 01 2017 - Dec 02 2017