Responses to Applications 

Applicants will be advised by mail as soon as practicable that Pacific Adventist University has received their applications. Successful applicants will normally be officially advised of an offer of acceptance into a Pacific Adventist University course in early December. 

Pacific Adventist University may decline to admit any persons in any year or course of study on the grounds of: 

  • applicants not satisfying the University’s academic requirements at this University or at other Universities; 
  • applications exceeding the quotas that have been set by the Academic Senate for a given course; 
  • applicants not satisfying the University’s high moral standards. 

The University reserves the right to decline admission to any person without necessarily specifying the reason. 

The Academic Registrar will notify all successful applicants via letter or fax after the Academic Senate has formally approved the list of accepted applications. 

All students accepted for study at Pacific Adventist University must sign an agreement that while registered students of the University that they will adhere to the high moral standards of the university and not consume alcohol, use tobacco, betel-nut and illicit drugs on or off campus or bring such substances onto the campus. 

Student Responses to Offers of Acceptance

Offers of a place at Pacific Adventist University are open for a limited time only, and successful applicants must advise the University in writing of their acceptance or the University’s offer. Applicants who omit to advise the University within the given specified time may have their offers withdrawn and the University Admissions Office may reallocate them to other applicants. 

What's happening

Last day of classes

Oct 27 2017

Pre-exam Study Break

Oct 30 2017 - Nov 03 2017

Semester 2 Examinations

Nov 06 2017 - Nov 17 2017

Exam Boards

Nov 27 2017 - Nov 29 2017

Graduation Weekend

Dec 01 2017 - Dec 02 2017

Graduation Day

Dec 03 2017 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Masters of Education Intensive (6 weeks)

Dec 11 2017 - Jan 19 2018